what is MBA

What is the Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

MBA or Master of Business Administration is simpler terms is management or a business degree. It is not only restricted to business, but the degree helps in other sectors as well as the public sector, private sector and other areas.

MBA programs include the following core subjects ;

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Economics
  • Operations

MBA is one of the sought after professional degree programme with over 2500 degree programme offered in all over the world. You can do MBA both full time as well part-time.

If the student is not able to give full 2years to this programme than they can opt for executive-level MBA programme. For this, the candidates should have some work experience.

Whats make you a perfect MBA candidate?

Again opting for an MBA is a big decision, one must think I am fit for doing MBA.

Now the answer depends on what you are looking for and what the top B-schools are looking for.

Some of the aspects that you must keep in mind are ;

Work Experience -One of the important factors for selecting a candidate, many institutes check accomplishment of the person.

Graduation Score – Again next important factor, you should score good score as it determines your candidature selection.

Entrance Exam score – Cutoff in certain entrance exam whichever you are giving determine whether you are eligible for sitting in the interview for certain colleges.

Extracurricular activities – Some colleges also check the extracurricular activities part from the score and graduate score.

Interviews – Better prepare for the interview, the first impression is the last impression rule follow in this case.

Why a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a career?

When you start your career with utmost zeal, you put in your hard work and spend hours in getting experience, you get a promotion too but at some point of time growth path become stagnant and at this point of time you need an MBA degree to kick start your career and give it a new life.

Given below are some of the compelling factors one should apply for MBA; 

  1. It helps remove entry barriers in many cases, for example, most of the big management companies now hire only management trainee and at that time having an MBA degree helps a lot.
  2. Having an MBA degree helps in achieving a career growth where it helps in getting promotions too.
  3.  MBA degree is a professional degree and having an MBA degree is gives you an edge over others.
  4. Studying management makes you a jack of all trades; it gives you an understanding of external market conditions and helps you with internal company matters.
  5.  Getting an MBA degree helps you in refining your interpersonal skills, communication skills and thus redefining your personality.
  6.  One of the important qualities of job success is team building and when you study an MBA and during the course of time you get to know the importance of team building.
  7.  It gives you an entrepreneur skill where one can think of opening up a startup of their own and thinking in a direction just like an entrepreneur does.
  8.  MBA curriculum is there is build subject knowledge of an individual as it comprises of a lot of different subjects like Finance, Human resource, Marketing, International business etc.
  9.   MBA degree also gives you an opportunity to earn a higher package as the average package of MBA graduate from a top school is around 18-20 LPA.
  10.  Last but not least it helps in shaping up your career and you can have a good future.

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