Details of NEXT Exam

NEXT (National Exit Test) complete details.

National Exit examination (NEXT) will soon be replacing NEET-PG as entrance exam at the final year of MBBS course. It is currently a proposed amendment by National Medial Bill (NMC). According to the sources, this NEXT entrance exam will assess the necessary skills and knowledge of the medical student.

It will act as a license wherein the medical students have to clear the NEXT Exam for postgraduate medical studies. When the NMC bill will pass, then the exam will be implemented within 3yrs.

Health ministry under National Medical Commission (NMC) bill proposed National Exit Test (NEXT) and it will replace NEET PG for MD/MS admission.

It will act as a common entrance exam across the country. There will be no need to appear for specific exams for admission into medical programs.

Previous amendments by Government:

In February 2018 very first amendment was put into consideration by Lok Sabha and a lot of discussion and debates emerged. Now in 2019, the government chaired by Hon. Prime minister Narendra Modi passed this National Medical Commission Bill.

There will be stringent punishment for the people involved in illegal medical practices. A person found guilty will end up in jail for up to 5yrs with fine of 5lakhs. This will help meritorious students to excel I near future.

What is NEXT?

Let us understand what exactly is NEXT, for every medical aspirant it is very important to understand the pros and cons of NEXT exam, along with an understanding of the exam.

It is exit exam for the medical student which is replacing NEET PG and is proposed to assess the medical student skills and knowledge; it is also proposed to be multiple choice question-based paper.

What is the purpose of NEXT (National Exit Test)?

It will hereby regulate the medical studies in India by proposing the following changes:

  • Common admission test for overall India medical students judging their problem-solving skills.
  • Common admission test for overall India medical students judging their problem-solving skills.
  • Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) will merge under the NEXT Examination.
  • NEXT Exam will replace NEET-PG as medical examination for postgraduate medical courses across India.
  • There will be common counselling for admission into undergraduate MBBS and Postgraduate level.
  • 50% of seats in PG under All India quota seats will fall under NEXT. However, there will be a certain reservation for students.
  • Medical students will have to work for 3yrs in rural/tribe area according to the proposed bill

Useful impact of NEXT (National exit test)

  • There is uniformity in medical studies with only one entrance exam for pg studies.
  • It will remove the scarcity of doctors in India
  • There will be no involvement of Medical council of India for the screening of foreign student
  • It will initiate skilled medical practitioners in rural areas too
  • Additionally, the Proposed quota for economically weaker section.

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