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JEE Main preparation one-month strategy

As we all know, JEE Main is around the corner, and every JEE Main aspirant is studying and preparing for the exam. If you are also students who are about to give JEE Main exam then, this article about jee main preparation will help you in acing the jee main entrance exam in one month.

With COVID-19 pandemic, students are left worried about the exams they are about to give and to take admission in various colleges.

Recently NTA has released the new dates for Jee main exam e. from 18th to 23rd July.

Every year lakhs of students aspire to take admission in prestigious IIT’s and take this test. Admission in all the IIT’s is based on All India Ranking (AIR) in JEE Advanced exam, which will be conducted on 23rd august 2020.

Now it is essential to utilize all the time the students has.

Mentioned below is one-month jee main preparation strategy of jee main exam, which can help jee main aspirant in cracking the exam.

Clear your concepts

It is always advised to clear your concepts, rather than mugging everything, if your concepts are clear, then it will be easier to ace the exam.

You should improve the time limit of the problematic questions, understand your strength, build self-confidence.

Follow smart work plan.

It is essential to follow a smart work schedule, and it should cover everything that comes in jee main exam, properly following work plan will help in cracking the exam.

Utilize your time well

A strategic time table will help the aspirant in getting a better score. Additionally, you should give equal weightage to all the subject. The schedule should consist of all the topics, chapters.

Also, use handwritten notes and formulas as they are best to remember.

Follow good study material.

The study material that you are following is essential, NCERT books for preparing jee main and jee advance are must, additionally, study material from reputed coaching institute is good to follow.

Online Mock test

Online mock test is again crucial for better understanding of the exam. Try to appear for as many mock tests as possible, and this will help in judging the exam timing.

Focus on your strength

Lastly, focus on your strength, give yourself time, do not take the stress. It is essential to stay calm and stay focused.

Give your best performance, and you will undoubtedly ace the exam.

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